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Rolling Pin - Beechwood, 26cm


Favoured by bakers, the Cuisinox 6 X 46 cm rolling pin features a freely revolving pin that makes rolling a breeze. This solid, easy-to-use utensil is ideal for the modern home ensures that dough is smooth and flat every time. It is any baker's best...

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Pie Plate - Glass, 9-in

$16.00 $13.99

A glass pie plate is a classic way to bake and present your pies with consistent and even baking.- "I prefer a glass pie plate because it heats up quickly and holds the heat, so that your pie pastry bakes and sets before your filling has a chance to seep...

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French Tapered Rolling Pin - Beechwood, 20-in

$39.99 $15.99

Crafted from beechwood, this rolling pin is unique and durable, not to mention stylish. Made in the French style, it has tapered ends, rolls smoothly, and easily pivots to create perfect circles of dough. Ideal for every day use, the Berard rolling pin...

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