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Novelty Pans


Mini Pandoro Silicone Molds, 6 Cavity


This mini Pandora pan measures 12.2 x 7.2 and 2.4-Inch and each pan makes 6 cakes. Each cake measures approximately 3 inch diameter x 2.4-Inch. Silikomart was established in 2002 as a product of the experience and belief of its founder Dario Martellato...

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Donut Pan, 6 wells


USA Pans bakeware has been designed with many of the same standard features of industrial baking pans. Each pan is constructed of aluminized steel, the material of choice for commercial bakeries. Metal thicknesses have been selected that allow even heat...

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Flan/Quiche Pan - Non-Stick, 26cm


This clever, fluted-edge tin has a removable base which makes removing and serving pastry-based tarts, flans and quiches easy and without risk of the pastry case breaking. Ideal for sweet and savoury recipes, the excellent heat-spread quality of this tin...

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