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Small Red Beans, 700g


Known as Azuki 小豆 in Japan where it has been cultivated since 4000 BC, these small red beans are usually cooked sweetened. Boiled with sugar and then ground into a paste, they are a popular ingredient in Chinese and Japanese sweets. Cooked with rice,...

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Filé Powder, 40g


Filé powder, also known as gumbo filé, is a spicy herb with a distinct earthy flavour made from the dried and ground sassafras leaves. It is an indispensable spice in many Creole and Cajun dishes. In gumbo it is used as a seasoning and...

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Garlic Powder, 70g


Powdered garlic is an essential ingredient in spice rubs used to flavour meat and poultry, and is often used in retro recipes ranging from meatloaf to chilis and Chex-mix, as well as many recipes in Cajun cuisine.
Packed in a facility that packs items...

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