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Grilling Tools


BBQ Tool Set, 4-Piece

$210.00 $149.99

Our chef inspired BBQ tools have function and purpose at the forefront of their design. For the chef who loves grilling, the WÜSTHOF 4-Piece BBQ Set will keep you barbecuing throughout the year. - The turner has a perforated paddle with beveled...

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Side Shelf BBQ Silicone Mat, 14 x 11-in


Silicone mat for the side of the BBQ.- Prevents scratches on BBQ side shelves- Protects surfaces from grease and sauce splatters- Ecological and economical alternative to costly single-use Aluminium Foil- All COOKINA products are designed in Canada- Can...

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The Flip - Professional Smoke Box

$36.00 $29.99

The Flip Professional Smoke Box by Camerons features a patented design that simply converts any grill into a hot or cold smoker. Utilize the Flip Professional Smoke Box to hot smoke meat, seafood, vegetables, or cold smoker nuts, cheese, salt, curred...

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Mini Stovetop Smoker - Stainless Steel


Camerons Original Mini Stovetop Smoker allows you to enjoy delicious indoor and outdoor smoking in a matter of minutes. Features heavy duty stainless stell construction, a tight fitting lid so you can smoke your food and not your house, a rack that...

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Brick, 8 x 8 x 1.5-in


Himalayan cooking bricks are 200 to 500 million years old. Produced from unique salt crystals, they can be chilled or heated to over 400 degrees. Himalayan salts are harvested naturally from primordial ocean deposits located in the Himalayan mountain...

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