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Fry & Sauté Pans


HAPTIQ Saute Pan - STRATANIUM+ Nonstick, 28cm

$370.00 $289.99

HaptIQ is the latest premium stainless steel non-stick SCANPAN range, designed and made in Denmark. HaptIQ combines SCANPAN’s ultra-durable commercial-grade STRATANIUM+ nonstick surface with five-ply stainless-steel construction. Our revolutionary...

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Teal Iron Handle Skillet - Cast Iron, 30cm

$270.00 $209.99

Enamelled cast iron skillets have long been treasured kitchen staples for stovetop frying and oven baking. Over time, the matte black interior enamel develops a natural patina that is ideal for searing and frying. Chefs everywhere attest to the cast iron...

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SuperSteel Tri-Ply Clad Fry Pan, 28cm

$200.00 $79.99

SuperSteel pots and pans are made in Canada and feature a tri-ply design throughout the entire pan, providing even, consistent heat distribution with no hot spots. Made using two heavy gauge layers of stainless steel, each fused to a heat conducting...

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Stainless Fry Pan - Tri-ply Stainless, 10-in

$240.00 $179.99

Le Creuset's award-winning stainless steel reflects the same European craftsmanship and character that has defined Le Creuset cast iron for decades. Its three-layer construction is made with a proprietary blend of professional-grade metals: a stainless...

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