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Fruit & Nut


Golden Raisins, 400g


These are wonderful for adding to cereal or trail mix, and just for snacking on. Try cooking and baking with these jumbo raisins - they add a natural sweetness to dishes, and a delightful texture to cookies and baked goods. They’re also extremely...

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Almonds Whole - Natural Roasted, 300g


These supreme sized roasted almonds are roasted to perfection and have no salt. They are naturally delicious and rich in nutrients, making them a great addition to your diet. Enjoy unsalted roasted almonds as a snack, or use them in your baking and...

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Hazelnuts - Natural Whole, 250g


Hazelnuts are simply the nut of the Hazel tree. A fibrous husk surrounds the nut, and the kernel/seed is within the nut.; Our hazelnuts are shelled, so completely edible. Use them as a snack, sprinkle them onto your yoghurt, breakfast cereals, muesli,...

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