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Vanilla | Sugar


Vanilla Paste - All Natural, 120ml


Vanilla Paste made with highest quality Mexican vanilla beans from Veracruz Casa Papantla.In Case Papantla, we care about the farmers, wo when you buy this product, you help a farmer grow his farm so he will have more opportunities to give us products...

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Isomalt, 400g


Isomalt is a sugar substitute made from beet sugar. Over the past twenty years chefs, sugar artists and confectioners have found that Isomalt has many advantages over sugar especially when making showpieces, cake decorations, dessert garnishes and candy...

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Caster Sugar, 500g


Caster Sugar is perfect for baking, blending easily to ensure smooth results. Its superfine crystals blend into the mixture produce and guarantee great results every time.
- Ideal for meringues, puddings and sponges.- Convenient resealable zip bag...

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