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Dark Chocolate Vermicelli - 41% Cocoa, 1kg


Cacao Barry chocolate vermicelli is ideally used for confectionery, pastry and ice cream. Cacao Barry Pure dark chocolate vermicelli (sprinkles) is made with natural vanilla. - New zip bag for optimal flavour protection.- Length: 5mm. - 41% cocoa content...

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Cocoa Butter, 200g


Cocoa butter is created from pressing roasted, hulled and milled cocoa nibs into natural liquor. This product is the solid form of the liquor. It has a bland taste and faint chocolate aroma.- Cocoa butter can be used to add flavour, scent, and smoothness...

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Cappuccino Chips, 500g


Guittard Chocolate Chips have been a favourite of bakers for many years. Now you can use Guittard's quality chocolate chips to make your own delicious cookies! All Guittard high quality chips are made with natural vanilla.
Cote D'Azur® products are...

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