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Hot Sauce


Mango Fire Hot Sauce, 150ml


This award winning hot sauce is great on eggs, fish or chicken. It as great as a marinade ingredient or an addition to your favourite BBQ sauce.
Ingredients: Water, scotch bonnet peppers, mango nectar, onion, pineapple, banana peppers, sugar cane,...

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Pain Is Good - Jamaican Hot Sauce, 198g


This very popular, very hot sauce has its inspiration in Jamaican Jerk Sauce. A wonderful magical voodoo mix of searing heat with Caribbean fruit juices and spices.
- Ingredients: Habañeros, pineapple juice concentrate, white vinegar, tomato paste

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Jalapeno Hot Sauce, 150ml


The classic jalapeño sauce, done the right way! Only the freshest peppers are used for this sauce. The mildest of El Yucateco’s sauces, has a rich flavour and gentle heat. If you’re not yet used to spicy food, this is the sauce for...

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Salsa Picante - Extra Hot, 370ml


Valentina Black Label Extra Hot Mexica Hot Sauce is one of the best selling hot sauces in Mexico. It is hot but it is renowned for its flavour rather than heat.
Ingredients: Water, chili peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, 0.1 % sodium benzoate as a...

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Cholula - Chili Lime Hot Sauce, 150ml


This Mexican hot sauce stands out with its blend of four peppers: guajillo, paprika, arbol, and piquin, giving it a complex but light flavour, and contributing to its 3,600 Scoville unit ranking. Layered on top of its spicy chili flavour is the zest of...

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