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Cherry Tomatoes, 400g


Whole unpeeled cherry tomatoes in tomato juice. Casa Rinaldi Cherry Tomatoes are round and sweet tomatoes named for their resemblance to cherries in terms of size. They are often combined with seafood dishes, as well as being ideal for decorative effects...

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Chickpeas, 400g


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are part of the legume family.Chickpeas are an integral ingredient to many Indian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. With no additional preparation required they are great in curries, soups, stews and...

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Grapefruit & Basil 3D Cocktail, 6-Pack


Take your Gin Tonic to the garden!Perfect dose of bitterness and sweetness bonded with a refreshing floral scent!Grapefruit and Basil are just made to be! Here is a great drink for those of us who want to reach freshness satisfaction. This may very well...

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