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Grains, Legumes & Seeds


Lentils Du Puy, 715g


Long time known as “the caviar of the poor” the much esteemed and nutritious Du Puy green lentil has been cultivated in France from Gallo-Roman times, where it is protected with an AOC designation. Du Puy Lentils are prized by chefs and...

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Whole Flaxseed, 368g


Flaxseeds can be ground into meal. Simply put a few tablespoons of flaxseeds into a small electric grinder. Grind for about 30 seconds, or until the seeds become a fine meal. Add to smoothies, breads, crackers, cookies, hot cereal, yogurt, salads and...

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Chuck Wagon Chili , 390g


A traditional beef chili. Great in the slow cooker. A hearty meal, with little to add. Product Info(6 - 8 Hearty Servings) approx. 390gDirections: 1) In large pot, brown 1-2 lb hamburger with 1 large chopped onion. 2) Add package contents, 28oz can diced...

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Rice Beans, 700g


Rice Beans look like plump grains of rice. They are quick cooking, tender and slightly sweet. Add to soups, casseroles, salads and side dishes. Dates back to the 1860's in Germany. Delicate, not big and meaty.
Ingredients: Rice beans.
Packed in a...

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Small Red Beans, 700g


Known as Azuki 小豆 in Japan where it has been cultivated since 4000 BC, these small red beans are usually cooked sweetened. Boiled with sugar and then ground into a paste, they are a popular ingredient in Chinese and Japanese sweets. Cooked with rice,...

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Chickpeas, 700g


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are high-protein legumes with a mild nutty taste and have been cultivated for over 7,500 years. They are great in bean salads. Ground boiled chickpeas are the main ingredient for hummus, and are popular in...

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