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International Specialities


Ponzu, 296ml


To add a tangy burst of flavour, try Ponzu sauce! This citrusy soy sauce has been popular in Japan for years. Ponzu has salty, sweet, and tangy flavours in perfect balance. It can hold up on its own as a seasoning or combined with other ingredients to...

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Sushi Ginger, 340g


For that authentic sushi taste at home, ginger is a necessity. This palate-cleaner is delicious and colourful. This pickled ginger is fantastic alongside sushi, spring rolls, or on salad.
Ingredients: Ginger, water, salt, acetic acid, citric acid,...

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Soy Sauce, 500ml


Amano has been crafting Japanese-style soy sauce since 1939, by hand and in small batches that allow for the utmost in quality control. All their products are GMO free, and made by an artisan process. Amano Soy Sauce is carefully aged in barrels for up...

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Wasabi Tube, 45g


When making sushi at home, don't forget one of the essentials! Wasabi paste is necessary if you want to kick it up just a bit. Mix a little with your soy sauce to get that sushi restaurant flavour. Or, for a different taste, add this spicy green...

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Sambal Chili, 230ml


Sambal is a traditional Indonesian spicy condiment. Although chiles are the main ingredient of sambals, the chunky sauce has a hint of sweetness to mellow out the heat. Sambal is excellent with curries or other Southeast Asian dishes, and even works...

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Red Curry Paste, 112g


When making a curry, this red curry paste is a great place to start. Aromatic herbs, like kaffir lime, lemongrass, and galangal, are combined with red chills and fragrant spices for a perfectly balanced, flavourful, and very spicy chill paste. With the...

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Sesame Oil, 163ml


This pure sesame oil has the shortest ingredient list possible: only sesame oil, no additives, preservatives, or colouring. Sesame oil is versatile, and can be used as a cooking fat or as a seasoning. Either way, it imparts a deep and somewhat smoky,...

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Tamarind Powder, 70g


Made from the pulp found in the large bean pods of the tamarind tree, tamarind powder can be used as a condiment and souring agent in preparations like Sambar, Rasam, Puliyogare, and chutneys. - Top Flavours: Sour, tart- Delicious In: Sambal shrimp- No...

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