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Spices, Herbs & Seasonings


Thyme - Organic, 25g


Thyme's sweet, earthy flavour blends well with other flavours rather than dominating, making it useful in nearly any cuisine. It's common in French haute-cuisine and earthy peasant stews alike. Thyme dries better than most herbs, retaining nearly all the...

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Mushroom Truffle Hunt Blend, 54g


Our Mushroom Truffle seasoning blend of dried shiitakes, porcini and truffle mushrooms combined with onion, garlic, soy and other natural flavours creates a full-flavoured addition to roasts, sauces, marinades, veggies and side dishes. - This seasoning...

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Hand Harvest Sea Salt - Coarse, 500g


Natural source of Calcium, Magnesium and Iodine.Traditional Sea Salt is a hand-picked product, produced in small, centuries-old salt mines using ancestral methods. It is a 100% natural process, without any processing or use of chemical additives, using...

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California Garlic - Minced, 9.5oz


Made from 100% California grown fresh garlic that has been dehydrated and minced. - Made from California grown fresh garlic- Garlic has been dehydrated and minced- Tamper proof seal for protection and freshness- Contains 9.5 oz. Minced Garlic- Certified...

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Kimchi Spice, 40g

$6.99 $6.49

Fermented soy and aromatic spices.Kimchi, the famously fiery fermented vegetables pickled with Korean chiles, herbs, and spices, is a signature, staple dish in Korean homes and restaurants. Kimchi Spice makes creating your own authentically flavored,...

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Umami Dust, 54g

$6.99 $6.49

Savoury mushroom, aromatic garlic, and tangy miso.Made with umami-rich ingredients like mushrooms, dried aromatics like garlic and onions and a blend of herbs and spices, Umami Dust Seasoning enriches the flavor of savory foods.- Ingredients: Salt, dried...

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Indian Essentials Tasting Collection


This box set includes:Ajwain Powder - Black Mustard Seed - Fenugreek Seed - Fenugreek Leaves - Fennel Seed - Diaspora Turmeric - Green Cardamom - Black Cardamom - Roasted Cumin Powder - Roasted Coriander Powder - Kashmiri Chilli Powder Our tasting...

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