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Cajun Gumbo Base, 5oz


Gumbo Made Easy. You don’t have to be a Cajun to make great gumbo anymore.  We do it all for you; just add your choice of meat or seafood and serve over rice.Louisiana Fish Fry Products of Baton Rouge, La., was founded more than 30 years ago...

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Greek Tzatziki Delish Dip Mix, 1oz


Fresh dill and other herbs kick up this bright and lively Greek inspired dip mix.  Each packet makes 2 delish bowls.- Gluten free, Non-GMOTo make this fresh and lively Greek Tzatziki dip mixYOU WILL NEED:1 cup sour cream, Greek yogurt or 1...

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Stir-Fry Paste 2-Pack - Lemongrass, 30g


A distinctive citrusy aromaPrepare & Use: For stir fries, marinade or soups. Goes well with beef and fish. Includes 2 pack of 15g each.- Ingredients: Lemongrass 59.00%, Water, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Acidity Regulator: Acetic Acid, Acidity Regulator:...

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Railway Chai, 120g


I remember pulling into a railway station in Central India in the pre-dawn hours of a cold January morning. Back along the track there was a Chai Wallah (seller) set up under a canvas tarpaulin crowded with customers. He was serving a tea mixture,...

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Moghul Curry, 128g


In South India, influences of Moslem cooking harmonized with the local cuisine to produce our heady Moghul Curry. Aromatic accents of cloves and cinnamon rise above the robust curry flavours creating an exotic culinary delight for all lovers of fine...

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Monsoon Balti, 45g


Monsoon Balti is a versatile seasoning which can be used to zest up a wide range of dishes from fried rice to fish and vegetables. Try our popular Tomato Balti Stew recipe, or use to roast potatoes or grill yams. - Great in: Vegetable Balti stew,...

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