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Simply Mist Olive Oil Sprayer, White

$30.00 $24.99

Perfect for salads, sautéing, grilling and more! Simply Mist trigger mister makes controlling oil usage EASY! - Simply squeeze the trigger, Simply Mist sprays the same amount of oil every time! - No more aerosols, or pumping required. - Ensures...

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Bagel Slicer - White

$25.00 $18.99

Take the hassle and harm out of cutting bagels with our convenient bagel slicer. Simply insert your favourite bagel and press down on the handle to get a perfectly sliced bagel, every time. Designed to capture crumbs, keeping counter tops clean.-...

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Grill Glove - Professional, Large-XLarge


Let this item be your right hand during grilling season. Actually, it fits your right or left hand, with silicone grip anti-slip protection on both sides. The extra long cuff protects you up to the forearm, with a comfortable cotton interior. Perfect for...

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