Pasta Michele Portoghese

The Pasta Michele Portoghese is an artisanal production. The pasta of Pasta Michele Portoghese is made using the traditional methods, but is guaranteed with state-of-the-art quality controls, hand selected grains and the perfect dose of durum wheat semolina. The drying process is slow with a low temperature as it is the most delicate phase requiring maximum attention. The temperature notably affects both the taste and protein content, therefore, our process ensures a high nutritional value, the flavour of the product and causes the pasta to maintain a high quality performance during and after cooking. Made in Italy.


Fusilli Lunghi Pasta, No 753, 500g


The Fusilli lunghi have a simple spiral shape. Formerly the Fusilli was produced by twisting a spaghetti around a stocking iron. The term "fusillo" comes from "melted", the typical spindle work tool. Long huskies are traditionally used with meat sauces...

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