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Create your own charcuterie board for a delightfully easy dinner or appetizer.

A charcuterie board requires minimal effort but has something for everyone—and the no-cook factor means you can spend more time greeting guests and less time in the kitchen.


STEP 1: Select product and click Add to Cart

STEP 2: Review the quantity in the Cart if necessary

STEP 3: Click the browser back button to return to this page

STEP 4: Continue and repeat Steps 1 to 3 for each product

 When finished, click the Checkout button inside the Cart

Select A Board

( Skip that step if you already have one ) 

The size of your board or plate largely depends on the number of people you are serving

and it can be as large or small as you like! 

Select Cheeses

( NOTE: ❆ Refrigerated products are only available for in-store pickup. )

When it comes to cheese, the options are nearly endless. You’ll want to include

at least three different types of cheese on your charcuterie board, so consider which cheeses

are your favourites and which are likely to be crowd-pleasers. 

Select Meats

( NOTE: ❆ Refrigerated products are only available for in-store pickup. )

Go for popular meat options like salami, and prosciutto. You can mix and match,

add or subtract, depending on your personal preferences.

Expand Your Horizons!

( NOTE: ❆ Refrigerated products are only available for in-store pickup. )

A good charcuterie board can make a long-lasting impression. Expand your horizons

and try adding smoked salmon, lumpfish roe, blinis and more.

Select Pickles & Olives

Pickles and olives provide a tart, briny flavour that pairs well with rich meats and cheeses.

Include small bowls on your charcuterie tray for dill pickles

or sweet gherkins along with some olives.

Select Crackers

Crackers and bread options are an important part of your charcuterie board!

Guests can layer their favourite foods on top of a cracker

for a combination of delicious flavours and textures. 

Select Dried Fruits & Preserves

Sprinkle some dried fruits around your board to add a touch of sweetness and lovely colour.

Including jam, jelly or preserves of your choice gives guests the opportunity

to enjoy a cracker with a sweet topping.

Select Nuts

Nuts add a nice, salty touch to your charcuterie board. Once the rest of your charcuterie board

is arranged, you can look for empty spots and cover these spots with little piles of nuts.

Pistachios, walnuts, almonds and just about any other nut you enjoy will work.

Select Other Accompaniments

Adding in other accompaniments brings your charcuterie or cheese board to the next level,

adding visual interest and drawing out complementary flavours.

Select Board Utensils

To pull off a proper charcuterie or cheese board, you’ll need a handful of accessories — not only

to make it shine, but to make it efficient and easy for guests to graze.