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Annatto Seed, 85g


Also known as achiote, these pungent red seeds come from the annato tree. They are used to impart a bright golden color to oils, rice dishes and meats, lending a tangy flavour as well as colour. Primarily used in Latin and Caribbean cooking, annato seeds...

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Tamarind Powder, 70g


The dried fruit of the tamarind tree is used as a souring agent in East Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine in the same way as lemon is using in Western kitchens. It is an integral component of Worcestershire Sauce.Ingredients: Non-irradiated dried and...

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Ground Cinnamon - Organic, 60g


Compared to Indonesian types, Vietnamese cinnamon has a distinctly sweet flavour and an exceptionally high volatile oil content. Gourmet cooks rate it as the highest quality cinnamon in the world. For traditional cinnamon recipes such as gooey cinnamon...

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Hungarian Paprika - Hot, 142g


Pride of Szeged Hungarian Hot Paprika is a versatile ingredient with fans all over the world. Great in goulash and stews, potato and cucumber salad, devilled eggs, sauces and home-made rubs.
Ingredients: Hungarian Hot Paprika.

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