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Tomato Paste, 62ml


KYKNOS is one of the most loved and recognized brands in Greece. With a family owned recipe that has gone unchanged for over 90 years, they are one of the most distinct suppliers of tomato paste worldwide. Containing a 28% double concentration of...

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Pizza Sauce, 400ml


Mutti Pizza sauce with spices is the ideal way to master the art of Italian pizza. Made from fresh tomatoes, its slightly thicker texture is characteristic of artisanal products. This tomato sauce is seasoned with a hint of oregano and basil, which are...

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Tomato Paste, 156ml


Concentrated tomato, in all its forms, is a great way to add flavour, texture and colour to your cooking. Mutti Tomato Paste is perfect for recipes with long cooking times, such as bolognese sauce, casseroles and stews. And it can also be used in quick...

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6 in 1 Ground Tomatoes, 794g


Escalon 6 in 1 Brand All Purpose Ground Tomatoes are crafted from 100% fresh vine-ripened tomatoes from sunny California. These hand selected tomatoes are processed within hours of harvest and contain no added citric acid or preservatives. So easy to...

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Strianese San Marzano DOP, 14oz


It's hard to imagine Italian cuisine without tomatoes, and even more difficult to remember that they were only introduced after the discovery of the Americas! These tomatoes are a special Italian variety - San Marzano - and are especially high-quality,...

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Sun-dried Tomatoes, 200g


Ingredients: Sun-dried tomatoes.
Packed in a facility that packs items that may contain soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, milk and eggs. Emballé dans un établissement qui emballe des articles qui peuvent contenir du soja, du...

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Italian Peeled Tomatoes, 796ml


These choice grade Italian tomatoes in tomato puree are the perfect ingredient for pasta and pizza sauces, stews, gazpachos and hot soups. Cooks in the know buy whole canned tomatoes and puree them themselves to get that extra level of garden-fresh taste...

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Tomato Paste 3X Concentrate, 200g


Tomato paste made of aromatic, sun-ripened Parma tomatoes lends your red and brown sauces, pasta dishes, fish, meat, rice and vegetables the typical taste of Parma tomatoes.
Ingredients: Concentrated tomato paste, salt.

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Fire Roasted Tomatoes - Diced, 411g


Fire Roasted Tomatoes - Red, ripe tomatoes are roasted over an open fire to blackened perfection! Natural hardwoods create robust smoky flavors that make these diced tomatoes ideal for a soup, marinara, chili or a pizza topping.
Ingredients: Tomatoes,...

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