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Chips & Crackers


Focaccia Bread Slices - Rosemary, 100g


Let yourself be surprised by the authentic taste of IT'S FOCACCIA LA MOLE. Thin and fragrant oven baked slices of breads with a very particular processing: we have tried to reproduce as much as possible the manual and artisan processing of focaccia and...

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Dill Pickle Seasoned Pretzel Sticks, 212g


Our Dill Pickle Pretzels combine the tangy vinegar with real dill seasonings. Creating pretzel sticks that are really big DILL (we couldn’t resist). These are a perfect tag along for any event where the snacking is high-priority. And if you are in...

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Cheddar & Onion Potato Chips, 150g


Delicious Cheddar and Onion flavour crisps made with traditional West Country Cheddar.Crafted with traditional West Country Cheddar, Pipers Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion crisps are a hearty interpretation of the nation’s favourite flavour. Made...

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