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Hot Sauce


Laos - Hot Sauce, 148ml


Sofi Gold Winner!  Best Hot Sauce of 2020.  One of the hottest cuisines on the planet!  The electric heat comes from bird's eye chilies and habaneros while the lemongrass and ginger bring a brightness to the sauce.  The seafood umami...

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Pain Is Good - Gochujang Hot Sauce, 198g


Developed from a thousand year old Korean recipe, Gochujang is a staple in Korean households. It pairs perfectly with meats, vegetables, scallion pancakes, soups and rice. If you like Korean food, you’ve probably had it while dining out without...

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Acid Rain Hot Sauce, 125ml


If you're one of the folks who just like their food HOT!, this sauce was especially made for you. Unlike some hot sauces, Acid Rain is loaded with flavour. It is not only a blending of some of the hottest peppers in the galaxy, but some of the most...

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Hank Sauce - Herb Infused Hot Sauce, 251ml


The original Hank Sauce was created to enhance the flavor of Hank’s favourite foods. This sauce goes great with nearly anything and adds the perfect kick without overpowering the dish. Hank Sauce is the perfect solution for bland soups and tomato...

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See Jane On Fire Hot Sauce, 148ml


See Jane On Fire "Burn Jane Burn" Hot Sauce, 5oz.: See Jane On Fire!... See Jane On Fire is a great multiple use sauce with cayenne peppers...Poor Jane is on fire in all the wrong places. A funny twist on the Dick and Jane readers that most of us grew...

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