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Oyster Sauce, 210ml


Oyster sauce is a backbone for Chinese family-style cooking, and adds a rich and flavourful taste to recipes. Made by boiling oysters in water until they caramelize, the result is a brown, viscous, intensely flavourful sauce. Oyster sauce is an component...

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Teriaki Sauce, 500ml


Teriyaki is a favourite among Japanese dishes, and this sauce makes it easy to prepare at home. Starting off with soy sauce as a base, this sweet and savoury sauce layers on flavours of garlic, ginger, and pepper. It's great as a marinade for salmon, as...

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Tamari Sauce, 250ml


On the surface, tamari seems quite similar to soy sauce. However, tamari is a Japanese sauce which is a byproduct of fermenting soybeans to make miso. It is darker in colour, stronger tasting, and has less salt and wheat than Chinese soy sauces. Amano...

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Ponzu, 296ml


To add a tangy burst of flavour, try Ponzu sauce! This citrusy soy sauce has been popular in Japan for years. Ponzu has salty, sweet, and tangy flavours in perfect balance. It can hold up on its own as a seasoning or combined with other ingredients to...

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