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Somen Noodles - Organic, 270g


When cooking Japanese noodle dishes, somen is a great choice. Like angel hair is to spaghetti, somen is to udon; thinner and more delicate. Traditionally, somen is mainly used in cold noodle dishes - serve chilled, with ginger and garlic topping, and a...

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Fish Sauce, 210ml


With their roots in the Roman condiment 'garum', modern fish sauce can trace its history thousands of years into the past. The garum of yesteryear has modified from being a product using only the intestines of fish to being made from the whole fish...

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Oyster Sauce, 210ml


Oyster sauce is a backbone for Chinese family-style cooking, and adds a rich and flavourful taste to recipes. Made by boiling oysters in water until they caramelize, the result is a brown, viscous, intensely flavourful sauce. Oyster sauce is an component...

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Gyoza Dipping Sauce, 296ml


Gyoza are very easy to prepare at home, but the dish isn't complete without the right type of sauce. This gyoza sauce is the perfect accompaniment - it starts with a tamari base, but it's much more than just soy sauce! It's not just great with gyoza -...

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Wheat Free Tamari Sauce, 500ml


On the surface, tamari seems quite similar to soy sauce. However, tamari is a Japanese sauce which is a byproduct of fermenting soybeans to make miso. It generally is darker in colour, stronger tasting, and has less salt than Chinese soy sauces. Amano...

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