Baking & Pastry Tools

Aluminum Rolling Pin, 21x1.75"


Made from anodized aluminum, it stays incredibly cool after being chilled to keep butter from melting into the dough. Laser engraved graduated measurements in both inches and millimeters help ensure a perfect size crust. Rolling dough has never been this...

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French Rolling Pin, 51x3.5cm


Check out the elegant lines of Le Creuset’s traditional Rouleau à patisserie. A staple in French kitchens, this Rolling Pin is designed without handles and tapered in the middle for better control and pressure when rolling out uniform...

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Cherry Pie Bird - Stoneware


Though the nursery rhyme makes reference to “four and twenty blackbirds” baked in a pie, you will only need one of these colourfully glazed Le Creuset Pie Birds… per pie that is. A Pie Bird is a hollow ceramic device shaped like an...

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Pastry Crimper/Sealer


The Messermeister Pro-Touch Pastry Crimper and Sealer is used to close and secure the sides of various foods that will have filling on the inside and dough on the outside. The thin bladed wheel with scalloped edges cuts fluted edges on pie crusts and...

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Wooden Tart Dough Tamper


Tart Tamper Pro, is a double headed tool for handling both large and small tartlets. This tool is used to uniformly press dough into tartlet pans.
- Use the small end for small narrow tartlets and the larger end for deep wide tartlets.
- Small head:;...

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