Other Cooking Sauces


Chilli Sauce, 300g


A spicy alternative to ketchup, this aromatic sauce adds zing to a bacon sandwich, or can be used as a cooking sauce.
- Manfood is a new range of great tasting foods that are simply made and packed with flavour: no flavourings, no additives, no messing...

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Ginger Teriyaki Shrimp Sautee, 354ml


Try something a little different with your shrimp by using this Ginger Teriyaki Shrimp Marinade! With the Japanese culture of seafood in mind, this sauce was formulated to perfectly accent the flavours of shrimp. Use as a sauté or for grilling,...

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Pizza Sauce, 370ml


There's no treat quite like making pizza at home, and for that, you need pizza sauce! Handmade in Italy, Rao's Pizza Sauce is made using the freshest ingredients for the best taste.; Italian tomatoes, fresh herbs, onion, and carrots, have been cooked to...

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