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Oil & Vinegar


Lemon Honey Vinaigrette, 360ml


Bring bright and refreshing flavour to your salads with this wonderfully blended dressing of lemon, honey, olive oil and Tuscan spices. Add to field greens and roasted or steamed vegetables to create light and delicious sides. Makes a wonderful marinade...

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de' Coppini - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml


Located in the food-rich valley of Parma, Coppini was created by Americo Coppini and his wife Anita Orsi, who, after World War II, decided to revive the practice of making traditional extra virgin olive oil. Today, the family-run company is celebrated...

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Umami Dressing, 375ml


Umami is the fifth, little known youngest sibling of the four familiar tastes:  sweet, salty, bitter and sour.    - Known to us as the “cider vin”, we have been enjoying this versatile dressing, dip, and finishing sauce...

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Pearls Balsamic Vinegar, 90g


Smooth with rich acidity and fig-like caramel notes of Balsamic vinegar in savoury pearls. Bursting with big flavour these pearls bring the surprise and delight of molecular gastronomy to the culinary creations of professionals and amateurs alike. They...

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