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Barbecue Sauce, 490ml


Joe Beef BBQ sauce has a smoky, lightly sweet taste. Not too spicy, it strikes a perfect balance between apple, mustard, tomato and molasses flavours.- Preservative-free, it is made exclusively with natural ingredients.- To achieve the perfect marriage...

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Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce, 375ml


Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce is fabulous with beef, including roasts, burgers or steaks, as well as a glaze on chicken or pork. It can be used as a dipping sauce for sausages or vegetables, and it`s incredibly tasty on grilled fish.Rock’n Red BBQ...

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BBQ Sauce, 350ml


At Sebastian & Co, we're passionate about grilling. To perfect our BBQ'ed ribs, brisket, chicken and steak, we have created an all-natural BBQ sauce with real personality. Our Original Recipe BBQ Sauce starts off smooth with a touch of sweet, and...

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoky Sauce, 21oz


Waiting is worth the price of admission when it comes to Lillie's Limited Edition SMOKY. Aged for six long months in a Kentucky bourbon barrel, it has just the right hints of brown sugar and smoke to give it a subtle handcrafted, small batch warmth.- All...

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Killer BBQ Sauce, 510g


Crank up the heat a notch! This sauce is for those who like a little extra Texas excitement in their barbeque. With more peppers and spices than your average sauce and the right balance of natural hickory smoke flavour, Killer is hot enough to please,...

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