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Barbecue Sauce, 490ml


Joe Beef BBQ sauce has a smoky, lightly sweet taste. Not too spicy, it strikes a perfect balance between apple, mustard, tomato and molasses flavours.- Preservative-free, it is made exclusively with natural ingredients.- To achieve the perfect marriage...

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BBQ Sauce, 350ml


At Sebastian & Co, we're passionate about grilling. To perfect our BBQ'ed ribs, brisket, chicken and steak, we have created an all-natural BBQ sauce with real personality. Our Original Recipe BBQ Sauce starts off smooth with a touch of sweet, and...

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Tequi-Lime Sauce, 375ml


Tequi-Lime ® Sauce is a brilliant and very popular fusion of East meets West in a bottle. The sweet dark flavours of the Asian grill; blend with the south-of-the-border heats of chilies, bright fresh lime, finished with a celebratory shot of Tequila!...

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