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Cut, Slice & Chop


Kitchen Deluxe Mushroom + Egg Slicer


Deluxe Egg Slicer for slicing, and dicing, hard-boiled eggs. Make salad toppings, breakfast casserole and stir fry recipes, easy egg salad, breakfast burritos, or enhance soups, pasta, lasagna, and more.- Works nicely as a mushroom slicer and strawberry...

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Bagel Slicer - White

$25.00 $20.99

Take the hassle and harm out of cutting bagels with our convenient bagel slicer. Simply insert your favourite bagel and press down on the handle to get a perfectly sliced bagel, every time. Designed to capture crumbs, keeping counter tops clean.-...

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Mini Box Grater - Stainless Steel

$3.30 $2.99

A miniature version of the 4-sided grater. This tiny grater is perfect for a quick grate and storage is not an issue.- Dimensions: 6 cm/2.3-Inch- White plastic handle- Dishwasher safe- 4-sided grater- Ideal for cheeses

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Ginger & Garlic Grater - Stainless Steel

$5.00 $3.99

Effortlessly grate ginger or garlic with no problems while using this stainless steel grater. The blade is perfect for garlic, ginger, nuts, and more. The grater easily slices and cuts fine, perfectly sized shavings. For easy storage, it features a...

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Manual Food Processor

$0.00 $27.99

Eating fresh food every day is now easier than ever with the Trudeau Manual Food Processor—a handy tool that delivers maximum results with minimal effort. The sharp blades make prepping your salsas, guacamole or fruit salads a breeze. A built-in...

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Four Sided Box Grater - Elite Five Blade


The Microplane Elite Box Grater features five popular blade styles: fine, coarse, ribbon, ultra coarse and a slicer blade. The ergonomic design has a non-slip handle and rubberized base for stability and ease of grating. The convenient slide-out catch...

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Food Safety Holder


Safety Holder is compact, easy to use, providing complete protection and control when using any of our V-Slicer mandolines. The Food Safety Holder is included with every Börner Mandoline set and is also intended for use with all individual...

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Disc Slicer - White


BÖRNER of Germany, manufactures the finest quality vegetable slicers on the market today and are leading edge in design and technology. Their unique products help add creativity to any gourmet meal.- German surgical-grade stainless steel blade-...

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