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Specialty Tools


Canning Lid Rack


Norpro's canning lid rack is an essential canning tool that provides a quick and easy way to sterilize your canning lids. Water circulates freely around the lids to sterilize them completely. - The canning lid sterilizer holds up to 12 regular or...

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Pizza Peel - Hardwood, 56 x 35cm

$30.00 $24.99

Ideal for at-home pizza making. The beveled edge makes it easy to slide pizza to and from the oven. Large enough to accommodate a 12-in pizza. Can also double as a rustic serving platter. Do not immerse in water. Hand wash and dry thoroughly.- Material:...

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Pasta Board Set - Maple Wood, 6-Piece

$120.00 $89.99

A versatile set for making all kinds of handmade pasta. Made from solid maple wood, the set contains 1 double sided pasta board. One side with a rolled column, perfect for trofie, malloreddus, capunti and more. - The back side has a traditional gnocchi...

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Mortar and Pestle - Black Granite, 7-in


This beautiful Black Granite Mortar and Pestle is perfect for grinding and crushing all of your herbs and spices!- Made of attractive stone granite, this is a beautiful work of art in the kitchen. - Due to its heavy duty construction and ideal size,...

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Apple Corer - Lever Tool

$16.50 $12.49

The Apple Corer is a simple tool that removes and disposes of the apple core, the seeds and center fibre, effortlessly. In a closed position, insert the tool into an apple and gently twist it into the fruit. Pull out core and press lever...

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