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Specialty Tools


Perforated Pizza Peel, 12-in

$100.00 $89.00

Our perforated aluminium Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel is a high-quality, lightweight peel for sliding, turning and retrieving pizzas from your oven with ease.- Use the tapered peel edge to slide straight under pizza bases, while the perforations mean a...

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Agave Stockpot, 11.4L

$250.00 $199.99

Le Creuset’s Stockpot is a versatile cooking vessel designed to make your food preparation hassle free. This sturdy vessel is not only enough to feed large crowds at backyard events but is a great multi-purpose stockpot for home cooks.Crafted from...

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Canning Lid Rack


Norpro's canning lid rack is an essential canning tool that provides a quick and easy way to sterilize your canning lids. Water circulates freely around the lids to sterilize them completely. - The canning lid sterilizer holds up to 12 regular or...

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Pasta Machine - Wide Atlas 180 Wellness, 18cm

$195.00 $149.99

The Marcato Atlas 180 Pasta Machine quickly rolls and cuts pasta dough up to 7″ / 180mm wide and is capable of producing 3 different pasta shapes including: lasagne, fettuccine, and tagliolini. The convenient adjustment dial easily controls the...

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6-Wheel Dough Cutter - Stainless Steel


Create evenly-sized pastry strips with this stainless steel 6-wheel pastry cutter. The stainless steel construction of this 6-wheel pastry cutter prevents rust and is built to be long-lasting. - This incredible multi-wheel pastry cutter has 6 wheels to...

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Nest Trio Food Prep Set, 3-piece

$33.00 $24.99

The set includes a citrus juicer, 473ml (1 pint), measuring jug and 2.5L batter bowl. - Batter bowl features convenient inside measurement indicators. - Non-slip base on the underside of batter bowl for stable mixing. - Non-slip base on...

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JuiceMax Dual-Action Citrus Juicer - Yellow

$30.00 $22.99

Dual-action design squeezes and reams all in one motion. Gets every last drop of juice from lemons or limes. Easy-squeeze handles with easy-twist reamer. - Traps pips and pulp for easy disposal- Dual-Action Citrus Juicer- Dimensions: 10 x...

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Cheesecloth - Premium Cotton, 3-Yard


Perfect for straining sauces, soups, preserves, juices, etc... and seasoning (bouquet garni), poaching fish, marinated poultry, canning and keeping cheese moist.- Material: Premium 100% cotton- Dimensions: 271 x 91cm (108 x 36-in) - 3 Yards (2.7m)

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