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Pasta & Rice


Arborio Risotto Rice, 1Kg


This rice has a very wide and long grain with a central wide pearl. Arborio is the most well known Italian rice and it cooks in about 14 minutes. During cooking the external part of the grain cooks more quickly than the central part, which stays "al...

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Carnaroli Rice - Vacuum Tin, 500g


The Acquerello rice: flavourful and simple to cook, it is the right ingredient to always have available. Characterised by a stable starch that does not dissipate while cooking, its grains do not become sticky, which is the guarantee for an excellent...

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Fettuccine Corn Pasta - Gluten Free, 250g


The Le Veneziane corn pasta gets its characteristic golden color from its rich natural carotenes (vitamin A). This corn pasta has a delicate and gentle taste that allows it to work with any sauce. It taste just as good as (some say better than) regular...

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