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Syrups & Dessert Sauces


Mango Sauce, 250ml


Our mango coulis is a delicious addition to ice cream, plain yogurt or crepes. Indulge yourself !Our “Les Caprices d’Antan” fruit sauce, make a delightful accompaniment to cheesecake, ice cream, waffles or other delicious...

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Saba Cooked Grape Musk with Lemon, 250ml


A thick sweet-and-sour condiment made from cooked must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes and Sicilian lemon juice.It is ideal on: fruit salad, raw vegetables, mixed salads, poultry roast or grilled meat, seafood, cheese. To make cocktails and long drinks...

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Ginger Syrup - Natural Ginger, 375ml


Handmade in small batches, using the finest all-natural ingredients, this rich Ginger Syrup kicks cocktails to the next level. It's also delightful stirred into tea or poured over ice cream. Or, for something different, mix with soda water, add a few ice...

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Blueberry Premium Syrup, 8oz


Transform your breakfast from ho hum to a culinary event with Blackberry Patch Syrups made from whole, ripe berries and nuts. Besides being super syrups for traditional pancakes and waffles, these make great toppings for ice cream and other desserts. A...

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