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Fruit & Vegetable Tools


Garlic Freezer Tray with Lid - Charcoal

$20.00 $14.99

Enjoy pre-portioned fresh garlic whenever called for in a recipe. Mince, chop or grind peeled garlic then place in the tray with a little water or olive oil to freeze and use later. Cooking with garlic has never been easier thanks to this freezer tray.-...

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Apple Machine, 9.5 x 4 x 6-in


Peel, core and slice apples all in one step! With this handy tool, you're going to crave the delightful taste of these crisp, juicy fruits more than ever. With this Apple Peeling Machine, you can reduce prep time for making pies, tarts, applesauce and...

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Multi-Cherry Pitter - Quick-Release

$33.00 $24.99

Multi-Cherry Pitter, with quick release mechanism. Releases pitted cherries directly into your bowl with less mess. Pits up to six cherries at a time. Adjustable to fit over a wide range of bowl sizes. A handy pit tray keeps it all...

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Strawberry Huller - Red

$13.00 $9.99

An easy way to quickly remove strawberry hulls and leaves. Also removes cores from tomatoes and eyes from potatoes. The unique stainless steel tapered blades and non-slip grip make it simple and effortless. - Squeezes to fit strawberries...

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JuiceMax Dual-Action Citrus Juicer - Yellow

$30.00 $22.99

Dual-action design squeezes and reams all in one motion. Gets every last drop of juice from lemons or limes. Easy-squeeze handles with easy-twist reamer. - Traps pips and pulp for easy disposal- Dual-Action Citrus Juicer- Dimensions: 10 x...

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Apple Corer - Lever Tool

$16.50 $12.49

The Apple Corer is a simple tool that removes and disposes of the apple core, the seeds and center fibre, effortlessly. In a closed position, insert the tool into an apple and gently twist it into the fruit. Pull out core and press lever...

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Strawberry Slicer


Dress up the simplest dessert with slices of fresh strawberry. This red strawberry shaped slicer has seven stainless steel blades and will effortlessly slice strawberries into perfectly even slices. Great for pies, cakes, salads and garnishes.- Creates...

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Box Grater - Stainless Steel, 9.5-in

$15.00 $10.99

This classic kitchen tool has been a staple of chefs for years. The four sided box grater is ideal for coarse or fine grating, shredding, even zesting. It's box design contains the ingredients until you're ready to use them. Made of...

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Safegrate - Fingers Protect Tool


No more cuts to fingers when grating/slicing food.The unique Safegrate helps anyone protect their fingers when grating or slicing food. With its unique stainless steel design, Safegrate makes grating/slicing food safer and easier.
How to use it:1...

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SwiftStrip - Herb Stripper + Trimmer


Crafted in durable stainless steel, the Swift Strip is a uniquely curved tool that combines holes to easily strip off the leaves of herbs and leafy greens, with a razor-sharp blade for trimming stems. Ideal for anyone keen on eating clean and adding...

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