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Tomato Paste, 62ml


KYKNOS is one of the most loved and recognized brands in Greece. With a family owned recipe that has gone unchanged for over 90 years, they are one of the most distinct suppliers of tomato paste worldwide. Containing a 28% double concentration of...

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Pizza Sauce, 400ml


Mutti Pizza sauce with spices is the ideal way to master the art of Italian pizza. Made from fresh tomatoes, its slightly thicker texture is characteristic of artisanal products. This tomato sauce is seasoned with a hint of oregano and basil, which are...

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Country Chicken Chowder Mix, 225g


Vegetarian Friendly- recipe may require some substitutions. Please note: all Mitchell's products are stored and processed in a facility that have ingredients containing animal bi-products.- A thick and creamy chicken corn chowder with a dash of dill...

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Cannellini Beans - Organic, 14oz


A large white kidney bean, aka Italian kidney. A creamy and sweet Mediterranean and Tuscan staple. Prized for marinated salads, soups, with crostini, and pasta. A good source of protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, and zinc.  - Organic

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