Holiday Cocktail Kit, Set of 3


Owl's Brew Holiday Cocktail Kit is the perfect gift for all of your holiday festivities!Each Owl's Brew craft cocktail mixer gift set contains three 8oz tea-based cocktail mixers: Mulling Spices, Salted Caramel Toddy & Grapefruit Collins. Our...

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Umami Powder, 100g


Takii Umami Powder is made from shiitake mushrooms and is the key to unlocking the scientifically-recognized 5th taste - Umami. Use Takii to easily add instant flavour and depth to all your dishes. Your tongue has 5 different taste receptors for biter,...

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Kombucha Brew Kit


kombucha brewing kit for endless batches of probiotic tea. Now you can enjoy endless batches of your probiotic beverage with this kombucha brewing kit for safe and easy in home sweet tea fermentation. Comes with a Kombucha SCOBY, 1 cup of starter tea,...

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