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Flavouring & Syrup


Watermelon Syrup, 1L


Pure sugar syrup made from watermelon juices and aroma.- No preservatives.- Alcohol Grade: Non-alcoholic- Tasting Notes: Light and brilliant red. Candy-pink once diluted with water. The nose reveals an intense aroma of freshly cut watermelon, slight...

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Agave Syrup, 700ml


For cocktails, longdrinks, or dilute with water (1+12)- Syrup obtained by the juice concentration from the heart of the agave.- No preservatives.- A sweetening power twice more important than sugar cane (therefore use in smaller quantities) and a very...

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Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup, 375ml


In 1908, Frank Meyer, sent by the U. S. to find new plant varieties unknown to the Western world, imported the first Meyer Lemon tree from China. The tree is believed to be a hybrid between citrus lemon and the mandarin orange. To achieve true flavor,...

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