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Board Cream - Beeswax, 148ml


The John Boos BWC-12 Boos Block board cream is used to restore and seal the moisture in wooden cutting boards and tabletops that can be lost after continuous washes. It lengthens the service life by helping to prevent wood from bleaching, cracking, or...

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Glass Polishing Cloth


Gives glassware a sparkling clean shine! The Final Touch Microfiber polishing cloth will easily remove streaks and smudges from fine crystal and glassware. The soft microfiber material will never leave behind scratches or lint. Polishing cloth is also...

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Dusting Glove


This glove traps dirt and dust and removes it from the surface. It does not just push it around like other dusting cloths. This cloth can also be used wet.Lightly wipe surface to be dusted with shag side of the cloth. Longer fibres will easily lift and...

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Fresh Mesh Pads, Set of 2


e-cloth Fresh Mesh Pads are great for around the kitchen and in the home. Fresh Mesh technology allows the pads to stay fresher for longer. Fresh Mesh pads are great at soaking up liquids and spills due to the e-cloth fibres wrapped around the fresh mesh...

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Kitchen Whizz - Green


The Kitchen Whizz is ideal for a quick clean in and around sinks and taps. The extra long fibres clean hard-to-reach areas under taps and into corners, while the scrubbing stripes are ideal for removing stubborn dirt & residue.- The extra long fibres...

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