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Other Baking Ingredients


Barbados Molasses - Unsulphured, 907g


Barbados molasses is the clean liquid that’s made from the evaporation of sugar cane juice, after the commercially crystallized sugar has been removed. It has a standard colour and flavour, no off odours and is unsulphured.Barbados molasses can be...

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Whip It, 2 Pak


When you want to keep your whipping cream looking great longer, just add Dr. Oetker Whip it!  Beat Dr. Oetker Whip it into your whipping cream until peaks form. Your whipped cream will stay stiff for hours without separating. It's ideal for topping...

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Meringue Powder, 16oz


Meringue powder is used as an ingredient for making icing and meringue. Instructions are included on the package for making royal icing and meringue topping. Meringue powder is filled by weight and contents may settle.- Ingredients: Corn Starch, Egg...

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Gum Paste, 454g


Make your favourite flowers, ribbons and bows.- Tint with gel or paste- No Trans Fats; Gluten Free; Fruit flavours are a good source of vitamin C. - Great for the beginner or the professional- Fruit flavours are a good source of vitamin C- Long shelf...

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Gum-Tex Tylose Powder, 170g


Add Gum-Tex Tylose Powder to fondant and gum paste from improved strength and elasticity. Reduces dry time for thin flower petals and helps decorations hold their shape. Simply knead into premade gum paste or fondant as needed or use with homemade...

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Glucose Syrup, 8.5oz


An essential ingredient for homemade fondant and gum paste, Glucose Syrup is a decorating staple. Also known as confectioner’s glucose, prevents unwanted crystallization while undergoing the inverting process so you can make smooth homemade fondant...

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Meringue Powder, 4oz


The perfect egg white substitute, Meringue Power comes in handy for a variety of baking and decorating recipes. Use it to make the picture perfect meringue cookies without the worry of getting a drop of liquid into your recipe—which can make...

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