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Bar & Wine Tools


Bee Glass Pitcher, 1L


This sleek all-purpose pitcher has a graceful handle that enables steady pouring. Use it for offering lemonade, iced tea or water at the table. Proudly displaying the Napoleon symbol of l’abeille, the bee, this signature La Rochère glass...

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Multi-Purpose Mini Measure - Glass, Blue


Mini Measure precisely measures dry and liquid ingredients for creating balanced recipes, mixing delicious beverages, making craft cocktails, and more.- Weighted base helps reduce tipping for less mess- 20 measurements permanently marked on the glass;...

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Puck Chillers - Stainless Steel, Box of 2


Enjoy cold beverages without dilution. These chilling pucks never melt like ice, so you can enjoy a more flavourful and colder drink. Non-toxic cooling gel inside allows them to withhold cold temperatures for longer.- Filled with a non-toxic gel making...

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Optical O Longdrink Tumbler, Set of 2

$30.00 $25.50

The decorated, machine-made tumbler of the stylish, yet subtly nostalgic glass collection RIEDEL Barware are inspired by the glamorous Art Nouveau period and present a contrast to Riedel’s purist, unadorned wine glasses. ‘Optical O’ is...

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Black Tie Bliss Crystal Wine Decanter

$250.00 $212.50

The handmade decanter distinguishes by an elegant and complex design. RIEDEL whole-heartedly believes all wines - young and old, red, white or sparkling - can be enhanced by decanting. The Bliss Decanter stands 14-3/8 inches tall and is one of...

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