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Pizza & Pasta Tools


Pasta Machine - Wide Atlas 180 Wellness, 18cm

$195.00 $149.99

The Marcato Atlas 180 Pasta Machine quickly rolls and cuts pasta dough up to 7″ / 180mm wide and is capable of producing 3 different pasta shapes including: lasagne, fettuccine, and tagliolini. The convenient adjustment dial easily controls the...

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Pasta Cutter Brass & Wood - Fluted, 7.25-in

$68.00 $58.99

This essential pasta-making tool is made with solid brass hardware from Bologna, Italy and handles made in Vancouver, BC. Use it for cutting a wide variety of pasta shapes, and other cooking and pastry applications! - About Nonna's Woodshop - Vancouver...

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6-Wheel Dough Cutter - Stainless Steel


Create evenly-sized pastry strips with this stainless steel 6-wheel pastry cutter. The stainless steel construction of this 6-wheel pastry cutter prevents rust and is built to be long-lasting. - This incredible multi-wheel pastry cutter has 6 wheels to...

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Gnocchi Wooden Board

$8.50 $6.99

Here is trick to creating the perfect gnocchi every time. Use this handy wooden gnocchi ridger to quickly press your dough creating ridges on your gnocchi. These ridges help the sauce cling to the surface of the gnocchi. Can also be used...

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