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Ladle - Polished Stainless Steel, 14-in


Portion out the sauces with the skill of a professional chef with this sleek Stainless Steel ladle. The ladle is handsome enough for serving at the table or buffet. Made of 18/10 Stainless Steel, this ladle has a hollow handle with a hanging loop. -...

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Balloon Whisk - Red Silicone, 10-in


Our professional quality balloon whisk is perfect for mixing, whipping, blending, or stirring. Beat eggs or mix ingredients with far less effort and create lighter egg whites and creams. Attractive and sturdy, our silicone whisks are Heat resistant and...

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Flexible Nylon Spatula - Large, Black


For sliding hot omelets and cookies from pan to plate, use the RSVP flexible nylon spatula. This non-stick kitchen utensil is safe in heat up to 400 F and easy on non-stick cookware. The firm-grip Santoprene sleeve, holding tight on the stainless steel...

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Bamboo Toast Tong, 6.5-in


Use this bamboo toast tongs for gripping toast, bagels, toaster pastries, pocket foods, pizza bites, and more without burnt fingers.- Made from 100-percent natural bamboo; fast-growing, fully sustainable alternative to traditional materials for a more...

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Mini Tongs - Stainless Steel, 7-in


The Cuisipro Mini (piccolo) tongs are a convenient length for tasks that require control and precision such as picking up olives from a jar, or small fruits. Designed to handle both cooking and serving tasks with ease. - Patented locking pull mechanism-...

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