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Spices, Herbs & Seasonings


Infused Sea Salt Sampler + Wooden Rack


Explore an exciting new world of flavors with this tasting sampler of infused sea salt blends from Caravel Gourmet. Each flavour begins with natural sea salt. The salt is blended with spices, herbs or other natural ingredients to create these six savoury...

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Garlic Black Salt, 90g


Our Garlic Black Salt is a flavour bomb of saltiness matched with savoury notes of caramelized garlic.- Unit Size: 90 g, 3 oz- Ingredients: Black sea salt (sea salt, activated charcoal), sea salt, granulated garlic, garlic oleoresin.- May contain: milk,...

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Whole Dried Ancho Peppers, 50g


The rich, slightly fruity flavoured Ancho is the sweetest of the dried chiles. It is mild, rating at about 1,000 - 2,000 Scoville units (jalapeños is about 5,000) in its fresh state, it is a Poblano Pepper.

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Annatto Seed, 85g


Also known as achiote, these pungent red seeds come from the annato tree. They are used to impart a bright golden color to oils, rice dishes and meats, lending a tangy flavour as well as colour. Primarily used in Latin and Caribbean cooking, annato seeds...

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Pizza Seasoning, 75g


Make your pizza sauces taste like the real thing. This easy to use herb blend will help you create your very own home made pizza sauce worthy of a true Napolitano pizzaiolo.
- Ingredients: Basil, Oregano, Marjoram, Garlic, Parsley, Onion, Chili peppers,...

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