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Meat, Poultry & Seafood Tools


Seafood & Nut Cracker

$18.00 $14.99

The OXO Good Grips Seafood & Nut Cracker combines classic design and modern comfort for cracking seafood and nuts with ease. - The ridged opening securely fits claws and nuts of any size, while the narrow center is designed to pinch even narrow crab...

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Beer Can Roaster - Stainless Steel


Beer Can Roaster - Stainless Steel BBQ Beer Can Chicken Roaster with Instructions and Recipes. 18/10 Stainless Steel one piece construction allows you to cook a chicken or small turkey over beer for the very best and most moist chicken ever. The beer...

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Pop-Up Turkey Timers, Box of 2


Take the guess work out of cooking poultry with Regency Pop Up Timers! These handy little timers have a red button head which will automatically pop up when the turkey reaches the required temperature for safe poultry cooking. - Avoid under cooking or...

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Roasting Bag with Ties 20x24-in, Pack of 2


Regency Roasting Bags are oven safe and large enough to hold up to a 24LB turkey or roast. They keep juices in while allowing meat to brown. Oven and pan stays clean, too. Contains 2 bags and special oven safe ties. - Dimensions: 20" x 24" - Oven-safe...

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