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Meat, Poultry & Seafood Tools


Roasting Bag with Ties 20x24-in, Pack of 2


Regency Roasting Bags are oven safe and large enough to hold up to a 24LB turkey or roast. They keep juices in while allowing meat to brown. Oven and pan stays clean, too. Contains 2 bags and special oven safe ties. - Dimensions: 20" x 24" - Oven-safe...

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Twine Dispenser with Removable Cutter


The Perfect Cut Twine Dispenser keeps twine at the ready for tying meat for roasting, wrapping packages, crafting and many other household projects. It also eliminates the need for extra scissors, because it has a convenient, removable twine cutter. The...

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Fish Bone Tweezers - GS Series, 5-in


These tweezers are ideal for quickly and easily removing bones from fish fillets or whole fish.- Helps remove bones from whole fish without shredding the meat.- Designed for optimal hand grip.- One-piece construction for optimal safety and hygiene.- Made...

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Fish Bone Tweezers


Shun Fish Bone Tweezers are made for easily removing those tiny "pin" bones from raw fish for the perfect fillet. The tapered, flat tip makes it especially easy to reach in and pull small bones in fish or pinfeathers in poultry. They're also handy for...

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