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Spearmint Indoor Garden Lingot

$15.00 $11.99

To enhance flavour and bring freshness to your dishes, Mint is the queen. It instantly parfumes both sweet and salted specialties. Thanks to its intense flavour, Mint doesn't need to be mixed with other aromatic herbs.- Enjoy the Véritable Lingot...

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Thyme Indoor Garden Lingot - Organic

$15.00 $11.99

The vegetal taste of Thyme comes with a delicate pepper and lemon touch. Used in sprig, Thyme gives all its flavour during baking. - Enjoy the Véritable Lingot technology: 100% natural and ready-to-use refills with no pesticides or GMO's...

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Rosemary - Indoor Garden Lingot

$15.00 $11.99

Rosemary is an aromatic herb with a lemony taste that perfectly compliments meats and fish. The flavour of rosemary is powerful. Dose this aromatic herb accurately and chop it always finely so that its needles do not hinder your palate.- Enjoy the...

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Egg Piercer - Stainless Steel Needle


Make perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs! This handy gadget features a stainless steel needle to easily pierce your eggs before boiling to make peeling the egg after boiling easier than ever. Shells almost fall off by themselves! - The egg piercer is made...

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Butter Curler - Pro-Touch, Black


The Messermeister Pro-Touch Butter Curler is a light-weight wonderful specialty tool featuring a scalloped edge for improved functionality. This tool is ideal for producing decorative butter shapes and chocolate shavings. Comes in black with a stainless...

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Taco Holder Melamine - Single, Blue


Our Single Taco Holder has a beautiful soft shape for cradling your precious tacos. The decorative holder has the look of traditional ceramic with a durable melamine construction. Works with both soft or hard taco shells.- Securely holds a single taco...

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Butter Keeper - Stoneware, White


Keep butter fresh at room temperature in this stylish white stoneware butter pot. Fill the base with 1-in of cold water and firmly pack one stick of softened butter into the lid. Invert the lid into the base and the water will seal the butter and keep...

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Strawberry Slicer


Dress up the simplest dessert with slices of fresh strawberry. This red strawberry shaped slicer has seven stainless steel blades and will effortlessly slice strawberries into perfectly even slices. Great for pies, cakes, salads and garnishes.- Creates...

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Mini Box Grater - Stainless Steel

$3.30 $2.99

A miniature version of the 4-sided grater. This tiny grater is perfect for a quick grate and storage is not an issue.- Dimensions: 6 cm/2.3-Inch- White plastic handle- Dishwasher safe- 4-sided grater- Ideal for cheeses

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Safegrate - Fingers Protect Tool


No more cuts to fingers when grating/slicing food.The unique Safegrate helps anyone protect their fingers when grating or slicing food. With its unique stainless steel design, Safegrate makes grating/slicing food safer and easier.
How to use it:1...

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