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Pour Over & Cold Brew


V60 Coffee Dripper 02 - Blue Grey


If you are used to making a pot of coffee even when you want just a cup, then this great little brewer may well be your saviour. Arguably the most popular manual brew method over the past decade, the Hario V60-02 is a newer twist on the classic Melitta...

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V60 Coffee Dripper 02, Clear


Widely recognized around the world, the V60 pour over.Why the cone shape? The cone shaped paper filter adds depth to the coffee layer, so that the water flows to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the ground coffee.VD-02T...

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Ceramic Coffee Filter - No 2 Size


Preparing your favourite coffee in a French press/cafetière can be time-consuming. When you only need to make a single cup/mug, the hassle is sometimes just not worth it! aerolatte’s stylish Ceramic Coffee Filter provides a convenient...

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