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Graters & Zesters


Mesh Cutting Glove - Medium, Set of 2


Protects against sharp and abrasive objects, like kitchen knives, mandolines, mezzaluna and ulu blades, vegetable and cheese graters, and other sharp kitchen tools- Certified ASTM ANSI Level 5, the highest level of safety available- European LFGB food...

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Manual Spice Mill - Black


The Spice Mill is a sleek all-black handheld spice grinder. Use this kitchen tool to grind fresh hard spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Since it is manual grater you can control the amount of pressure while twisting the top to create exactly the type of...

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Zester Grater Black - Elite Series, 12-in


The Microplane Elite Series includes a transparent cover that doubles as a grating catch feature and measuring cup with a generous 1-cup capacity. Use the stainless steel Microplane® fine blade to create flavorful citrus zest without any of bitter...

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Spice Rasp Grate Black - Premium Classic


This long, slender tool makes fast work of grinding up those rock-hard chunks of fresh nutmeg. The sturdy plastic handle makes it easy to grip, while the razor-sharp stainless-steel blades do the hard work. As always with a sharp grater, be careful to...

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