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Chutney, Relish


Onion Chutney, 200ml


Our Onion Chutney is prepared from our traditional recipes with carefully selected onions, raisins, white wine and cane sugar.- Serce with foir gras- Les Comtes de Provence has opted to make its products using cooking pots. A traditional method used by...

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Hot Pepper Spread, 314ml


Hot peppers add a kick of heat for a sweet and savoury combination in our robust Hot Pepper Jelly. Also adds great flavor to Asian dishes, pan sauces and stir fry.- Ingredients: Cane sugar, onion, water, red bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, vinegar, pectin,...

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Mango Chutney, 228ml


The perfect accompaniment to any grilled, roasted, or sauteed meat or seafood. Makes a unique sandwich spread. Sere with your favourite rice or curried dishes. - Ingredients: Mangos, pure cane sugar, apples, onions, water, raisins, brown sugar, red bell...

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Tamarind Chutney, 370g


Sweet sour and spicy redolent of Christmas!This product displays a fine balance between the sweet and sour flavours of tamarind and apricot with a serious hit of chilli. Serve with curry and rice. Excellent with grilled and barbecued meats, as a dipping...

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Figs in Syrup, 285g


Preserved figs, from our own harvest, are the specialty of Can Bech; the jewel of the house.     CanBech recommends serving this with mascarpone ice cream, cream, fresh cheese, or cottage cheese, and decorating it with its own syrup. It is...

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Mango Red Onion Chutney, 150g


This Mango chutney will surprise you with its originality and its sweet and savoury flavour. Delicious with foie gras or terrine, fish or to add to your curry recipes.- Cooked in a cauldron- Ingredients: Mangoes 58%, apples, sugar, red onions 8%, alcohol...

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Piccalilli, 280g


Shaws have been making mouth-watering piccalilli since 1889, which gives them well over a century’s worth of experience creating impeccable flavours. This piccalilli is no exception, with a tangy mustard taste combined with cauliflower, gherkins,...

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Fig & Ginger Jam, 354g


This delightful blend of rich figs, tart lemons and lively ginger make Stonewall Kitchen’s Fig & Ginger Jam a perfect choice for a sophisticated breakfast topping on scones. Add deep and interesting flavours to your sautés, or use as a...

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