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Whole Dried Ancho Peppers, 50g


The rich, slightly fruity flavoured Ancho is the sweetest of the dried chiles. It is mild, rating at about 1,000 - 2,000 Scoville units (jalapeños is about 5,000) in its fresh state, it is a Poblano Pepper.
Packed in a facility that packs items...

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Chili Threads, 5g


These unique threads are two to three inches long, boast true bright colours and a smokey fresh flavour that has a bite of heat. They are great in soups, vinegars, dressings, and provides that over-the-top WOW factor for garnishes.
Ingredients: Thinly...

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Hot Paprika, 75g


Chiquilin Pimenton Picante (hot paprika) is slightly sweet-smoky, but with a kick. Use this to add a little wow to your Latin cooking. Chiquilin's Pimenton Picante gourmet quality Spanish paprika originates from Alicante, Spain and is far superior to the...

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