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Timers & Thermometers


Digital Instant Read Pen Thermometer - T200

$45.00 $44.99

Culinary professionals rely on instant-read thermometers like this one to take the guesswork out of cooking and baking. An everyday kitchen essential, All-Clad's thermometer is equipped with an easy-to-read backlit digital display for quick viewing.-...

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Multi-Purpose Floating Thermometer - FT220


Certain recipes require water baths, such as sous-vide, custards and cheesecakes. Having the water bath at the required temperature ensures best results. The FT220 is designed to measure liquid temperatures reliably and accurately. Use   it for...

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Oven Probe Thermometer - Stainless Steel

$60.00 $49.99

The All-Clad Oven Probe Thermometer With Digital Temperature Presets has a large LCD display for easy viewing, stainless steel casing, and a high-temperature cord that is heat resistant to 572°F.Use with automatic preset temperature settings or set...

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