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Other Condiments


Salsa Verde - Parsley & Garlic Sauce, 180g


Salsa Verde is essential for several traditional Spanish dishes, including chipirones a la plancha, that splendid seafood dish. But, this superb sauce of garlicky greenness can top so much more: pasta, vegetables, meats, poultry. You will struggle to...

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Harissa Paste, 82g


Classic, North-African hot spice paste. Harissa is a frequent ingredient of classic Northern African dishes like couscous and tagine. It can be used to spice up grilled meat, fish and poultry as well.- Ingredients: Onion, Red Pepper, Water, Garlic, Red...

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Turmeric Paste - Organic, 350ml


Fresh-cut whole root turmeric - earth's choice turmeric paste easily adds aromatic and earthy flavour to your culinary creations.- Kosher certified- Whole root & fresh-cut- Ingredients: Organic turmeric, water, organic lime juice, organic virgin...

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Tagine Paste, 170g


Smoked paprika and pickled lemons add a bold complex flavour to this Moroccan classic. Use it to add depth to any ‘one pot’ dish, the classic tagine being just one example. Made with smoked paprika and Beldi Preserved Lemons, our Tagine...

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Green Peppercorn Tinned - In Brine, 100g


Green peppercorns are really unripe black peppercorns. These are often preserved in brine or vinegar and served in pickled form. In dried form, they don't last very long and have to be used quickly. They have a fresher flavour than their black...

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Tartar Sauce, 10.5oz


The Perfect Complement to Fried Seafood. With lots of good relish, a dash of lemon & a bit of onion, folks will swear it’s homemade!Louisiana Fish Fry Products of Baton Rouge, La., was founded more than 30 years ago as an offshoot of the...

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Cranberry Sauce, 235g


Traditional Scottish cranberry sauce. Mackays sauces and jellies are traditionally made in small batches in Scotland. Each recipe has been uniquely developed to create a range of products which are the perfect accompaniment to savoury dishes.- Ideal to...

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Balsamic Condiment with Fig, 250ml


Ideal on: aperitif drinks, raw and cooked vegetables, roast meat, boiled meat, cheese, fruit salad, ice cream, yoghurt.Acetaia Reale is an old vinegar house located in Magreta, a 19th century village near Modena.  This is where the prestigious...

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