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Canned Goods


Chickpeas, 400g


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are part of the legume family.Chickpeas are an integral ingredient to many Indian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. With no additional preparation required they are great in curries, soups, stews and...

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Sardines - Canned in Hot Sauce, 120g


The Sardine preserved in Vegetable Oil is a traditional product in the Portuguese diet. Taste of Portugal also produces this variety to which a whole chilli pepper is added per can, so as to add a spicy touch to the sardines, greatly appreciated by the...

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Sardines - Canned in Tomato Sauce, 120g


Succulent Sardines in a tasty Tomato Sauce. Even more flavour from the popular snack that you can serve hot or cold in minutes. Sardines in Tomato Sauce - 120 gr - Canned Fish - Taste of Portugal A different product, the traditional taste. The Boneless...

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Corn Husks, 100g


Corn husks are the traditional wrappers for tamales. These husks only need to be immersed in water for a short time until they are soft, pliable and ready to use. - The traditional wrapper for tamales- Pliable and ready to use- All natural

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Chestnut Marrons Puree - Unsweetened, 439g


Clement Faugier is a household name in France and produces wonderfully delicious Chestnut products. Made by Clement Faugier that has been doing chestnut spreads for over 130 years, this unsweetened chestnut purée may be used as an an ingredient...

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Coconut Cream, 400ml


Made from the same process as coconut milk, coconut cream is richer and thicker. When cooking with it, it can be diluted slightly with water, or used straight up and heavy. It's excellent in the same styles of recipes as coconut milk, doing exceptionally...

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Coconut Milk, 165ml


Coconut milk is a cupboard staple if you like cooking Asian cuisine, or even if you just like delicious food! Versatile, sweet, and non-dairy, it's made by pressing and soaking coconut flesh. Although coconut milk is rich and undeniably sweet, the...

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