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Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears, 8-in

$48.00 $36.99

These 20.5 cm TWIN L multi-purpose scissors can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, including paper, thick cardboard, fabric and carpet. The integrated screw top opener in the handle is also helpful when opening tight screw tops. The scissors are...

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Double Cheese Board - End Grain, 17.75x7x1.5-in

$135.00 $114.99

This impressive display board is excellent for serving a selection of cheeses, sliced meats and finger food or for cutting large baguettes and other breads.- Larch Wood is a small Canadian company specializing in wooden end-grain kitchen cutting boards,...

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Magnetic Knife Stand in Natural Beech

$305.00 $239.99

The WÜSTHOF Magnetic Natural Beech Knife Stand is a beautiful, easy and safe way to display your favourite kitchen knives. The stand allows you to easily access your knives and will never damage knife blades as you might when placing them in kitchen...

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Cheese Sliver - Black Marble, 7.75 x 5-in


Serving a delicious cheese platter at your next gathering will add a touch of class while savouring all of your guests' taste buds at the same time. This attractive Black Marble Cheese Slicer is perfect for your next occasion! Slice both hard and soft...

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