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Nuts & Other Snacks


Sesame Seed Bar, 70g


Cucina & Amore Sesame Seed Bars are delicious and good for you. Did you know Sesame Seeds are a good source of antioxidants and protein? These tiny seeds are baked to perfection as a crunchy snack on-the-go or whenever you'd like a crispy bite in...

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Almonds - Honey Cinnamon, 142g


Roasted almonds, lightly seasoned with honey and a hint of cinnamon. Almonds are the leading food source of vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, which boosts the immune system. Almonds are a great sources of protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorous,...

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Marcona Almonds - Fried with Sea Salt, 215g


Spanish almonds are a real treat, and this sweet, buttery variety is counted as a great delicacy. They have been blanched, fried and sprinkled with sea salt, all ready for your next gathering or cocktail party.Almondeli is a small family-run company that...

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Sriracha Ranch - 5 O'Clock Crunch, 6oz


NEW! We are excited to offer another new product for you to try. Our 5 O'clock Crunch has been so popular we decided to "add a little spice". This intriguing combination includes honey roasted Virginia peanuts, cheddar cheese crackers, chili-lemon corn...

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Peanut Brittle Crunch, 9oz


These select peanuts are embedded in a smooth, rich, buttery candy that will keep you coming back for more. This old fashioned peanut candy is a little crunchy, a little sweet and a whole lot of DELICIOUS! The dimension of each 9 oz. can is approximately...

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